Stanley Chauke

Xenophobia/crime is very bad for all human beings.

The rise in the crime of looting and xenophobia in South Africa and the rest of the African continent is very bad for the growth of the economy of both South Africa and the rest of the African nations. Starting a business require resources and a lot of capital and if that is stolen, burned down or destroyed in a twinkling of an eye, its a loss and sometimes the insurance cannot pay back. This is not just a loss of income but can lead to failure to pay even rent and thus leaving the small business owner homeless and business-less.

This are the most difficult moments in the history as businesses are not running and a lot are suffering and we small business owners whether in South Africa or in Africa struggle. Business is cash-flow and no cash can flow if there shops are closed down. There are weeks which are very prime for each business: the month end week, the week of the 15th and the 25th because that’s when a lot of people have income so that they can purchase. So the biggest tragedy for any business man or woman is to be not operating in the most busiest week of month end, the 15th or the 25th.

Small business is a number one employer of the people who cannot be employed by government departments and the private sector and the SMMEs struggle to get capital to do business. I personally think that South Africa and the rest African countries should find a solution which will not worsen the situation but in peace resolve the differences as this will affect everyone.

The issue about crime committed should be anonymously reported to the law enforcement agencies who are trained to handle such issues. At the end of the day, every human being have the basic human rights to be treated in dignity, to be safe from harm, to have home, water, sanitation and proper work. Yes, this is a challenge which is very big but with different organization’s both in South Africa and Africa, I believe that a solution will be found.

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